Disappointing Tottenham Nosho Kane will not be able to transfer fines.


Britain’s Sky Sports reported on the 3rd (Korea time) that Tottenham Hotspur will impose a fine on Harry Kane, 27, who was absent in the pre-season.

Kane was scheduled to return to Tottenham on Monday, local time after a Euro 2020 vacation, but did not show up.

Sky Sports and other local media interpreted the move as “to push ahead with the move to Manchester City.”

“Tottenham is ‘disappointed’ by Kane,” Sky Sports said.

Kane asked for a transfer after last season, saying he wanted to win.

Manchester City offered 100 million in total by adding players to cash, but it was canceled when Tottenham refused. Tottenham have set aside 160 million for the transfer fee.

Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, who broke down with Manchester City, said, “I signed a gentlemanly contract with Kane,” hoping for Kane to remain.

“I sympathize with Kane’s frustration, but the transfer is difficult,” Tottenham’s new head Fabio Paratich also said.

Manchester City Chairman Khalid al-Mubarak said after staying second in the UEFA Champions League final last season, “I will aggressively jump into the transfer market this summer,” and “I will upgrade some of my positions.”

As a result, he looked for a substitute for Sergio Aguero, who is leaving for FC Barcelona, and selected Kane as the top priority. He is also seeking to recruit Aston Villa captain Jack Grillish as a second-term striker for a transfer fee of 

Transfer market expert Fabrio Romano said, “Kane’s decision to transfer will be made clear this week. Tottenham are committed to protecting the team, and Manchester City have prepared for the transfer. “The situation is really complicated. This week will determine Kane’s future 파워볼사이트

Coincidentally, Tottenham and Manchester City will face each other in the 2021-22 Premier League opening game on the 15th. The question of which team Kane will play in has emerged as the premier league’s biggest concern.

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