Ayumi’s ex-boyfriend lives in my house turning on the air conditioner, and I feel bad


Backga and Ayumi conveyed their foolish love.

Special DJ Baekga and guest Ayumi were present in the foolish love section of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” (hereinafter referred to as “Cultwo Show”), which aired on May 13.

One story on the day was that she bought a used foreign car as her boyfriend forced her to do so, but the story of her boyfriend breaking up after being caught cheating on her with the car arrived.

Kim Tae-kyun asked, “What’s the biggest expenditure when you’re in a relationship?” as he said earlier that he’s in a relationship where Backga and Ayumi give everything away.

“There are so many things, but I remember one thing because of this story,” Paekga said. “My girlfriend I met asked me to lend her a car. I heard that I’m the only one who gets insurance because I’m the only one who gets insurance. He was upset when I said it looked dangerous. I told him to ride it carefully because I’ll lend it to him eventually. Sure enough, there was an accident. I had to pay cash because I couldn’t get insurance. The amount came out to five million won. I couldn’t tell my girlfriend, ‘You did it, so I paid for it,’ she said.

Kim Tae-kyun sighed, saying, “Oh, silly love,” and asked, “How did you break up?” “That’s not why we broke up. It happened,” he replied.

Ayumi then said, “My boyfriend often visited my house rather than spending and money. It comes almost every day. I ate everything in the refrigerator, took a shower, turned on the air conditioner, and I felt bad. Since it’s my house. He broke up after living as a matter of course. It’s a minus for me. There was a bit of that,” he said.

In response, Kim Tae-kyun said, “In fact, there are children with beggar spirit. He shamelessly asks me to buy him food as if it’s a given. I think it’s natural to buy it for me,” he sympathized.

And Paekga said, “You know my chicken friend. When you drink, you say, “Hey, pay.” It’s always like this. He doesn’t pay. When I ask why I pay, they say, “You pay a lot.” I hate it so much.”

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