Jeong Jo-guk and Kim Seong-eun managed to cover it with a bare handkerchief


Actor Kim Sung-eun showed off his bold fashion.

Kim Sung-eun posted a photo on her personal Instagram story on the 13th with a message, “Thank you for the gift ♥.”

In the released photo, Kim Sung-eun is smiling brightly with a box containing colorful flowers.

The most eye-catching part of the picture is Kim Sung-eun’s shocking outfit. Kim Sung-eun, who shows off her slim body with bold handkerchief fashion that clearly reveals her shoulders and stomach, is amazed by her skinny body without a dung belly, which is unbelievable that she gave birth to three children.

Meanwhile, Kim Sung-eun married former soccer player Jung Jo-guk in 2009 and has two sons and one daughter.

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