Lee Yuri

I thought Lee Yuri was 12 years older than me. The short cut is perfect too

Lee Yuri

Lee Yu-ri showed off her extraordinary visuals.

Lee Yu-ri posted on her Instagram on the 13th, “#Lee Yu-ri #TV Chosun #Witch is alive The photo was posted with the hashtag #Marie #Gongmarie #Working hard.

In the released photo, Lee Yu-ri is concentrating while looking at her cell phone. Lee Yu-ri completed a hip fashion by matching bold silver accessories, shirts with unique color combinations, and black shorts.

In particular, Lee Yu-ri perfectly pulled off the short cut style and showed off her handsome boy visuals. Lee Yu-ri’s lovely recent situation caught the eyes of viewers.

Actress Yoon So-yi responded warmly, saying, “I saw you working hard.”

Meanwhile, Lee debuted in 2001 with the drama “School 4” and married a pastor 12 years older in 2010. We are currently filming the TV Chosun drama ‘The Witch Is Alive’

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