Yoon Nam Ki

Yoon Nam Ki and Lee Daeun are excited to go on a date in Yeouido

Yoon Nam Ki

Yoon Nam-ki and Lee Dae-eun of “Dol Singles 2” delivered their lovely recent status.

Lee Dae-eun posted on her Instagram on the 13th, “Yeoido after a long time. He posted a photo with the article #NamDamac #Date.

In the released photo, Lee Dae-eun is on a date with her husband Yoon Nam-ki. The couple shared a leisurely daily life while walking their dogs.

In addition, Lee Dae-eun and Yoon Nam-gi completed a couple look with a white top and jeans. The couple’s lovely visuals and chemistry caught the eyes of viewers.

Meanwhile, Yoon Nam-ki and Lee Dae-eun have developed into lovers by appearing on MBN entertainment program “Doll Singles 2.” Through the spin-off “Doll Singles Oversea,” the proposal was released, and it was congratulated that they became a legal couple after registering their marriage.

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