Baek Yerin

Baek Yerin’s plain clothes goddess’ daily look bold lace top

Baek Yerin

Singer Baek Yerin (26) showed off her unique sense of plain clothes.

On the 17th, Baek Yerin posted a message and several photos on her Instagram saying, “Order everything you want to eat.”

Baek Yerin with a coy expression catches the eye. He emphasized sexiness with a lace top, while balancing it with a black cardigan

Especially, the lovely visuals stand out. She is still attracting fans with her beauty. Baek added elegance to her long wavy hair. Tattoos engraved on the arms and hands also attract attention.

In March, Baek Yerin released the project song “The Other Side” with dancer Monica and Lip J. He is also working as The Voluntiers, a band he formed in 2017

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