Did you get hit by domestic violence Jomin heal all the meaningful comments


Cho Min-ah, a former member of the group Jewelry, was suspected of being damaged by domestic violence, and left another meaningful message on social media.

On the 17th, Cho Min-ah shared her daily life of walking with her son Kang-ho through her blog.

Jo Min-ah, who did not miss small flowers, grass leaves, and dandelion seeds on the side of the road and watched them with Kang-ho, said, “My Kang-ho is very precious and cute when I listen to the wind while taking a stroll.”

He also expressed satisfaction with his daily life with Kang Ho, saying, “I explain the greatness and gratitude of nature, sing children’s songs, and continue walking the stroller.”

Along with Kang Ho’s picture, he said, “How cute, precious, and pretty is it, no matter how many times I look at it,” adding, “My mom has overcome everything so far because she has to protect Kang Ho.” Our precious and precious Kang Ho,” he added.

“I met you and became a mother, and I’m living my life as a mother like this. My Kang Ho and my mom. Let’s just be happy now.”

“I’ll heal all the pain I’ve endured and be happy with my beloved baby forever, mom,” said Cho Min-ah. I love you the most in the world. I’ll protect you,” she confessed.

Cho Min-ah, who married in February last year after registering her marriage with a representative of a fitness center six years older than her, was born in June last year. Recently, 119 and the police were dispatched through Instagram, causing concern.

In particular, an acquaintance said in a comment, “Yesterday, I kicked and broke the doorknob in my bedroom, grabbed him by the back of my neck, threw him to the floor, and I fell down.” He’s doing CPR in front of 119, and he’s using abusive language again. She left a message saying, “Every day is like hell, save me,” and some people said that she was explaining her husband’s domestic violence while expressing her grievances

Amid speculation that Cho Min-ah may be suffering from domestic violence, Cho Min-ah draws attention by posting the article. Above all, “Kangho and Mom, let’s just be happy now,” “Healing all the pain that I’ve endured,” and “I’ll protect you mom” suggest that she will overcome the domestic violence she suffered from her husband and live happily with her son

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