Newlywed couple worried about Son Dam-bi and Kim Young-hee’s wedding


The star’s marriage to be celebrated has been marred by rumors. Some netizens are arguing over the possibility of “recession” of their best friends not attending the wedding.

Some are expressing concern over their personal interference. Public love is the driving force behind the stars’ lives. It is impossible to stop the interest in stars, but it is necessary to refrain from creating groundless rumors and excessive privacy.

The momentum of COVID-19 has been dampened, and news of stars’ marriage continues in the spring. Amid a lot of congratulations and support, unexpected rumors have upset the couple who have just become a couple.

Singer Son Dam-bi suffered from all kinds of interference when her close friends were not seen at the wedding. After it was revealed that his best friends, including Gong Hyo-jin, Ryeo-won, and Soyee, did not attend the wedding, the rumor of “hand-cutting” caught fire.

They have previously mentioned each other on SNS and broadcasting, revealing that they are close. In particular, Gong Hyo-jin received a bouquet at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s weddings in March. Rumors spread as the public, who expected to receive a bouquet at Son Dam-bi’s wedding, questioned.

On the 13th, Son Dam-bi married Lee Kyu-hyuk, a former speed skating national team member who is five years older, at an outdoor hotel near Namsan Mountain in Seoul. Many colleagues visited the ceremony as the number of guests was lifted due to the lifting of the distance, but his best friends were absent.

After the wedding, Son Dam-bi personally explained about the “thumbsup” theory.” He posted on his social media account on the 15th, “Thank you so much for coming to the wedding It was a very happy day,” he said, thanking everyone who congratulated him on his wedding.

“And there’s so much nonsense on such a nice day. It’s not true at all, so I hope you don’t misunderstand,” he said, drawing a line of suspicion surrounding him

Comedian Kim Young-hee also expressed her resentment at the “hand-cutting theory” aimed at her. Kim Young-hee said on her SNS on the 16th, “Even though we only had 50 minutes in the hall at the time of our wedding, there were more than 800 acquaintances who couldn’t eat, took pictures, and just saw our faces.”

He said, “It was a happy day for those who couldn’t come, but why do YouTubers who didn’t invite me to the wedding say no one came to the wedding?” and whispered in the rumor of ‘Hand-off’.

In August last year, a YouTuber posted a video titled “A comedian who looked so close and didn’t come to the wedding without a single senior.” It contains information that no comedian colleagues came to Kim Young-hee’s wedding.

One netizen who encountered the video said, “Even close friends for 20 years suddenly become distant. Let’s not live too tired. There must be a good reason for everything,” he pointed out. Another netizen said, “What are you trying to do without evidence? He’s so courageous, just guessing from his mouth,” he said, pinching the inaccurate information

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