Lee Siyoung

Lee Siyoung, why don’t you wear luxury goods? You’ve covered your entire body with 10 million won worth of stuff

Lee Siyoung

Actress Lee Si-young showed off her “human luxury.”

On the 16th, Lee Si-young released a photo of her plastered with luxury bags and luxury shoes on her SNS.

In the released photo, Lee Si-young shows off her lovely charm in a pink dress. Lee Si-young, who has no makeup on, slightly covered her face with a mask to add innocence.

On top of that, Lee Si-young’s luxury beauty, which decorated her body with Company C wearing luxury bags worth about 7 million won and shoes worth more than 1.6 million won, attracts attention.

Lee Si-young married a non-celebrity businessman in 2017 and had a son. Recently, it has been loved by fans for its ever-changing transformation in various works such as “Sweet Home” and “Grid.”

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