Cool Yuri

Cool Yuri, the three siblings who immigrated to the U.S. are so pretty

Cool Yuri

Yuri, a former member of the group Cool, took a warm family photo in the U.S.

On the 17th, singer Yuri said on her Instagram, “Family picture. I’m so thankful for the drawing. I love it. In the 5+1 picture, I’m so happy. I’m so happy. I posted a proof photo with my updates.

The released photo shows Cool Yuri, her husband, Sa Jae-seok, and her three siblings who immigrated to the United States, drawing attention. You can feel the atmosphere of a happy family just by looking at the picture.

Meanwhile, Yuri married golfer and businessman Sa Jae-seok in 2014 and has three children. I am currently living in LA, USA

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