I made a mistake Hwang Gyurim and Jeong Jongcheol’s surprise announcement


Comedian Jung Jong-chul produced cosmetics.

On the 20th, Jung Jongchul posted on Instagram, “I’m going to make a surprise announcement! Yes! I made a mistake! I posted a picture with the message.

Jung Jong-chul said, “I made cosmetics with my name on it! Of course I can’t make it on my own. Let’s make a proper makeup collaboration! That’s what I thought. It should be a cosmetic that the whole family can use comfortably. It should be a cosmetic that can be used without worrying about sensitive skin. It should be a cosmetic that is not difficult to use. That way, I thought my father and son would be able to use it comfortably. It should be affordable. I hope it doesn’t have a strong scent And so on, I would like to first thank the staff for fulfilling all my requests.”

In the picture, Jung Jong-chul is making a comical expression holding the cosmetics he made.

Jeong Jong-cheol married Hwang Gyu-rim and had one son and two daughters

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