Kim Shin-young

Kim Shin-young’s video scandal Ji-ho’s absurd romantic relationship

Kim Shin-young

Kim Shin-young spoke about her absurd romantic relationship with Ji-ho.

In MBC FM4U’s “Noon Hope Song Kim Shin-young,” which aired on the 20th (Friday), Kim Shin-young directly mentioned the rumor of her romantic relationship with Ji-ho, a former member of Oh My Girl.

On this day, Kim Shin-young said, “I don’t know how many years it has been, but I saw all the links in the group chat room. A lot of ridiculous stories were created. My rumor was “all or nothing,” so I wondered if anyone would believe this, but quite a few people told me and my friends sent me links,” he said of the romance rumor surrounding him.

Kim Shin-young said, “My ‘Jung-hee’ family knows well, but I’m usually good at giving it to them. That’s absurd. In particular, there are many reviews in the comments, but they are not that ugly when they meet in person. I keep saying I’m old, but I’m young out of 40.”

Kim Shin-young said, “Most importantly, no. I didn’t know I was that attractive. It’s not like someone can get hurt to laugh over it’s like that. It’s not something you can take responsibility. If there’s anything you really want to say, please come out.”

“Actually, I wanted to be honest with you. A few years ago, I even said I was so weak because I had a video scandal, but this time it was another scandal…,” he said. “I saw foreigners commenting on my SNS, and it started with an F,” he said of Ji-ho’s foreign fans leaving malicious comments.

Earlier, suspicions were raised through a YouTuber about Kim Shin-young’s romantic relationship with Ji-ho from Oh My Girl.

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