Cho Jung-rin

Cho Jung-rin’s analysis of the 10th-year-old journalist election is also very clear

Cho Jung-rin

Reporter Cho Jung-rin’s recent situation is a hot topic.

On the 3rd, a post titled “Yesterday’s TV Chosun” was posted on the entertainment community MLB Park, drawing attention. In the post, the author said, “You look like a regular reporter now. I have good diction. Where is Jeonglin who messed up on a variety show? But you look too old,” he added, capturing Cho Jung-rin’s appearance in the news.

In the capture, Cho Jung-rin gave off a calm atmosphere like a political reporter and reported news related to the election on the 1st.

Meanwhile, Jo Jeong-rin, who was born in 1984, was active as a broadcaster in her 20s, but joined TV Chosun in 2012 and has been a reporter for 10 years now

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