TAEYEON, your face is smaller than a phone with Pucca hair


Taeyeon revealed her recent status.

Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation, said on her Instagram story on the morning of the 3rd, “Queendom 2, bye.” “Queendom 2 is coming out tomorrow,” he posted a photo on “Amazing Saturday.”

The photo released this time shows Tae-yeon taking a selfie through a mirror in an elevator.

Above all, Tae-yeon was wearing a comfortable training suit and Pucca hair, which attracted the attention of viewers because she was so lovely.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon recently released the OST “By My Side” of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues.””By My Side” is a song with an orchestra that starts with a lyrical guitar melody and wraps around the song, and even Tae-yeon’s emotional voice is combined to give a sentimental feeling of warm sunset and passing wind. Girls’ Generation will make a comeback as a whole group in August

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