Jeong Eun-chae was responsible for the long journey


Actress Jung Eun-chae showed her unique and trendy charm.

On the 3rd, her agency KeyEast released a pictorial of actress Jung Eun-chae, who decorated the June issue of Magazine Vogue Korea.

Jeong Eun-chae in a recent pictorial attracts attention by creating a colorful atmosphere by showing a variety of visuals that have never been seen before.

In the released pictorial, Jung Eun-chae added a retro atmosphere by fully utilizing her outfit and props with rich primary colors such as blue, red and yellow. He also drew attention with his colorful face, including a wide smile with a wink while looking at the camera, and completed a sensuous pictorial by showing off his lovely charm with freckle makeup

In an interview with the filming, Jung Eun-chae said, “It was a pretty long journey. The free stage was also very detailed, and the actors also participated in a slightly different way. Perhaps because of the weight of the topic, I was accompanied by a considerable sense of responsibility,” he said, adding, “I prefer breaking balls rather than fastballs.” I like to give frequent variations in the frame or outside, but it was a little different in “Pachinko.” If I expanded my emotions with my own interpretation, I thought Kyung-hee’s real feelings would decrease,” he said, explaining the Kyung-hee character, which is different from the character of the work he has shown.

Regarding Coupang Play’s Anna, which is set to be released on the 24th, Hyun-joo of Anna is a character that is very opposite to me. I’m a person who doesn’t know how to express what I want, but Hyun-joo is very direct. I think I can feel the most heterogeneous emotions among the characters I have played so far,” he said, signaling a different appearance from the characters he has shown so far.

Jung Eun-chae drew attention by vividly portraying the confused feelings of the character who left his hometown with delicate expression by playing Kyung-hee, who warmly greets Seon-ja (Kim Min-ha) on Apple TV+ “Pachinko.”

In addition, Coupang Play’s Anna is expected to show a different acting transformation by playing Hyun-joo, the gallery’s representative who enjoys her superior life without consideration or malice.

Jung Eun-chae’s unique pictorial and honest interviews are available in the June issue of Vogue Korea

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