Cho Min take a break from your husband’s confession


An anecdote in which Cho Min-ah of “Love Master 2” was sentenced to a time limit and mentioned the controversy that arose during the bakery business.

Cho Min-ah, the first member of Jewelry, appeared as a guest on SBS Plus’s entertainment program “Love Master 2,” which aired on the 25th.

On this day, Cho Min-ah’s husband first appeared on the studio with his son Kang Ho, drawing attention. Cho Min-ah said, “I came into the couple’s observation entertainment show, and my husband was careful to disclose it because he thought he could be stressed if he suddenly got an issue.”

As for the reason for choosing “Love Master 2,” he said, “I’ve enjoyed watching it so much and the program is fresh. “It was nice to be able to comfortably talk about my life while asking the master with worries and talking to the MCs,” he explained.

Cho Min-ah, who worked as a Jewelry when she was a high school student, was surprised to hear that she was about to turn 40. In the meantime, Cho Min-ah mentioned the controversial incident when she turned into an actor after leaving Jewelry. He made his debut as a child actor at the age of 11, and then joined Jewelry and turned into a singer. There was a controversy over the sudden withdrawal, but in fact, I worked in the musical theater for four years after the contract period ended, he explained.

Cho Min-ah told the Taoist, “Where is the end of this crazy passion?” Cho Min-ah said, “My husband told me to take a break. I can’t rest. “I make plans during breaks, and if I’m tired, I can sleep, but I organize the kitchen,” he said. He also added that he has 23 certificates.

Cho Min-ah, who debuted at the age of 11, said she has been the most active since then. He said, “My father’s business didn’t go well. I thought about how I should work more to pay off my debt and pay the rent. There are differential pressure labels all over the house. I could use it when it was green, but after it turned red, I couldn’t even open the door. “I saw him when I was so young that I thought I should grow up quickly,” he said, causing regret.

When Cho Min-ah said that 2015-2018 was the dark age, she said, “At that time, I opened a bakery studio. As it was my first business, I lacked coping. A part-timer who worked with me baked a 500 won bill to fix the parchment paper. However, rumors spread that I did it, and no one listened even if I explained that I didn’t. A report was filed with the sanitation department. There were numerous controversies, but I tried to say no and angry at people, but the controversy grew. All I thought was to hold out. “I didn’t know how to deal with it because I was hated for the first time,” he explained the situation at the time.

Cho Min-ah said there are three things she doesn’t miss. Study, exercise, and work. Cho Min-ah said, “I thought these wouldn’t betray me unless I had a wrong way. However, as I worked too hard, I developed an autoimmune disease (a disease that attacks my own cells, not when immune cells invade my body). “Because blood circulation was not working, I kept collapsing, I couldn’t remember, and it was repeated,” he said.

After that, Cho Min-ah was sentenced to a one-year term at the hospital.

Cho Min-ah said, “If you overdo it, you may have problems with your brain, not insomnia because you can’t sleep.” He said, “You have to put everything down and rest to improve and not cure completely,” adding, “The sleepless condition continued for two to three years. Because there is no cure, I have no choice but to live carefully. At first, I thought it was a lie, so I ignored it and worked for another six months. But after I collapsed and almost missed the golden time, I couldn’t go any further, so I stopped everything,” he confessed.

When the MCs were worried about their physical condition after giving birth, Cho Min-ah said, “There was no problem with childbirth. After that, postpartum winds came and recently collapsed due to otolithiasis. “I can’t treat it because I’m breastfeeding,” he said 광주호빠

Meanwhile, Cho Min-ah also confessed her love story of registering marriage with her husband at a high speed three weeks after meeting him.

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