Cho Yo-jung

Cho Yo-jung, take a nap on the bed on her lap.

Cho Yo-jung

Actress Cho Yeo-jung caught the eye by revealing her nap.

Cho Yeo-jung posted several photos on her Instagram on the 25th with the short phrase “siesta 2014.”

In the picture, Cho Yo-jung is seen sleeping deeply, regardless of the location, from her acquaintance’s knees to her car and bed. In particular, Cho Yeo-jung’s appearance lying on the bed is eye-catching, reminiscent of a princess in a fairy tale.

Cho Yeo-jung chose tvN’s new drama “High Class” as her next film. Jo Yeo-jung, Kim Ji-soo, Hajun, Park Se-jin and Gong Hyun-joo will appear.

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