Invite Mr. Park. Big sister will treat you. Son Dam-bi, So Yi-hyun’s hot drinking talk.


The production presentation of IHQ’s new entertainment program, “Sister is buying!” was held online at 11 a.m. on the 27th. Kwak Jung-eun, So Yi-hyun, Son Dam-bi and Ahn Young-mi attended the production presentation and expressed their special affection for the program. The chemistry of the four people, known as the leading shareholder in the entertainment industry, also raised expectations for the first broadcast.

First of all, Kwak Jung-eun said, “You introduced me as Myung-Yae-Jogi, and I’m so happy to talk about alcohol and life together. “I think I was very happy to meet these three.”

So Yi-hyun also said, “I think I can relieve my stress and chat with you. It will be a program that you can watch while drinking alone at home.

Son Dambi said, “I’ve been waiting for this kind of program so long. Personally, I like drinking alone. I’m filming happily because I feel like I’m doing something that doesn’t seem like work with these good members. I’m so happy to be with good members. “We will show you a lot of honesty and sincerity,” he said, asking for expectations.

In particular, Ahn Young-mi said, “Among these, I am the worst drinker. Many people are mistaken. Hangovers last the longest. I gladly said OK to this program because I wanted to enjoy it well, not drink a lot together. “Alcohol teachers are next to me, and I’m sure I’ll catch the eye.

So Yi-hyun and Son Dambi are considered representative shareholders of the entertainment industry. Both expressed their affection for “Sister is buying!” by calling it “a long-awaited program 광주호빠

Ahn Young-mi said, “It’s my sister’s treat!” and she said, “It’s finally time to come.” “Yes, we should have a program like this,” he said. As soon as I heard the names of these members, I said OK. “I’ve seen them on other shows, but they were the members I wanted to do together.”

I had a special relationship with the members. Ahn Young-mi said, “I was on a variety show with Son Dambi. Kwak Jung-eun is a meditation teacher. I went once and I wanted to play a joke so I didn’t go after that. I didn’t expect to meet you as a drinking buddy like this. So Yi-hyun is enjoying her drinks so beautifully, healthily, and deliciously through the broadcast. Since I drank alone, there were times when I watched So Yi-hyun’s broadcast and drank with her. I really wanted to meet and learn. “I just wanted to see you separately.”

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