Choonghyun, Kim Minjung, and his giant peanut-like body are about to give birth to Pilates


Former announcer Kim Min-jung told how she has been exercising with her full body.

Kim Min-jung posted on her Instagram on the 10th, “Pilates with Ddan Ddan.” Even if it’s hard, I’m happy to look out the window and work out Every time I take lessons, I check my growing stomach in the mirror and laugh. His body is like a giant peanut. It’s like Olaf in Frozen Mysterious mother’s body that doesn’t even move at all of a sudden. The fetal movements you feel while exercising are also very precious,” he posted a photo with the article.

The released photo shows Kim Min-jung exercising using a pilates instrument. In particular, Kim Min-jung’s willingness to exercise seems great even though she is close to the end of her life.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jung married Cho Chung-hyun, who joined KBS in 2016, and left the company in 2019. In December last year, the two announced their pregnancy after five years of marriage.

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