Contact lens cleaning protein removal (Keratitis blindness)


These days, it’s so good that you can remove protein just by dipping it in. So you don’t have to have a problem. After you take it out, don’t take it easy in tap water. Acanthoameba is dangerous in tap water It’s best if you wash your eyes with saline solution There’s a fungus that’s not disinfected even though we sterilized the tap water, but there’s a reason why it’s called Acanto amoeba It’s in tap water and I can’t use contact lenses

When it enters the cornea, it penetrates the cornea and causes corneal inflammation, which doesn’t respond to antibiotics, and almost 90% of the corneal inflammation with Acanthoameva can cause problems and lead to blindness, so it’s absolutely prohibited to wash in the broth and get into the eyes right away The lens cleaning solution is to make sure that the protein is completely clean and that the bacteria don’t go in. There are a lot of combination sets these days, so there are a lot of things that remove and preserve even if you just soak it

If you use such a solution, it won’t be a big problem But if you keep using the solution, you have to throw it away after washing it, wash it, and dry it. These things are a problem. I don’t use it separately because of the service. I don’t use it separately. My allowance is definitely different now. I have some tears here What’s certain is that you can’t add a little bit of water that contains preservatives. That preservative is toxic

If you wear preservatives, take off your O-lens, and put eye drops, even if you’re a little lazy, it’s good to do that. There’s a medicine that might be bad for your body that doesn’ It’s not accurate, but we’re studying it because of this. There’s a building with a high head Cell wins. If you do that, you’ll die It can damage your cells It’s okay to put your phone in, but if you put too much in it and it stays like this, the cells will be damaged

The cells are like that, so the eyes can be a little softer, but what about the cornea, the surface can be inflamed, damaged, and it might be better to spend money on mild cord tear medication, so this is done with softland restrictions. Hard lenses don’t do that’s Since it’s hard for a long time, it might be better to have a higher concentration and a little bit softer

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