Jeon Do-yeon who never missed her heyday I was always

Cosmopolitan released a May issue photo with Jeon Do-yeon on the 17th. Jeon Do-yeon posed professionally in front of the camera and smiled lazily, but also showed off her strong face, showing off her eight-color charm. It is rumored that Jeon Do-yeon’s overwhelming elegance and bold decadence prevented all the staff at the scene from showing their fan spirit and cheering.

Jeon Do-yeon, who is undefeated with the Netflix movie “Gilboksoon” and the drama “Ilta Scandal,” is heating up Korea, the hottest and coldest from romantic comedy to noir. When asked if Jeon Do-yeon’s heyday is now, he said, “I’ve always been Jeon Do-yeon. I don’t think I’ve ever missed my prime,” he replied.

The heavier the name and the higher the honor, the less easy it will be to continue to leap under the weight. Jeon Do-yeon said, “Since I won the Best Actress Award for ‘Milyang’ in Cannes, I have a weight that I have to endure.”

However, rather than being aware of the weight, he summarized his career, saying, “I’m eager, and at some point, I’m moving at my own pace,” and expressed his value, “It’s the coolest thing to embrace what’s given to you, the environment, and yourself without denying.”

Where will Jeon Do-yeon’s professionalism come from. He replies, “Fierce.” “I don’t want to regret it, so I do it persistently and fiercely every moment. There are moments like that every time. “It’s so cold today, it’s hard, it’s because I’m sick.” If you give up even a little bit, you’ll regret it later on. I try my best not to miss this moment, not to leave such regrets.”

The moment Jeon Do-yeon feels most alive is when she acts on the spot. He said, “You’re the most like me then.” When asked what Jeon Do-yeon is like, “Personal Jeon Do-yeon is not so confident in front of anyone.” But when it comes to work, I think I’m intact without a single lie or disguise. So I think I’m the best when I work. So I also want to resemble Jeon Do-yeon when I work,” he said with a smile.

Finally, Jeon Do-yeon said, “I believe in myself. “I’ve never broken my faith in myself,” he said. “This is not a choice. Of course, faith in me is part of me,” he added.

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