Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig wasn’t happy playing James Bond

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig (54) was reportedly unhappy playing James Bond through the “007” series.

Dave Batiste, 53, told Entertainment Weekly on the 9th (local time) that Craig was in an unfortunate situation on “007 Spector” in 2015. He played the role of Mr. Hings in the film.

Batista said, “He had a really hard time in Bond movies. There was a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest man in Bond movies, but he was the opposite in “Naves Out 2.”

“He was really funny, he was always smiling and happy and interacting a lot more. In “Spector,” there was not much interaction with the entire cast. But Knives Out 2 was the opposite. We were always together. So I got to know him better as a person,” he said.

In the “Naves Out” series, Craig plays Benois Blanc, a queer detective who is almost the opposite of James Bond.

Batista said, “It’s really weird to see someone transforming from James Bond into Benois Blanc. It’s amazing because you’re always in awe of people who can change themselves like that. This is why I wanted to be an actor. Because I wanted to be that kind of person. It may sound strange, but because I looked like a freaking gorilla, I wanted to be a chameleon.”

Meanwhile, “Knives Out: Glass Onion” is a Netflix film in which an unexpected guest, Benois Blanc, who was not invited to a remote Greek island where the billionaire’s “Murder Game” was predicted, appears to infer the truth of the real murder.

After finishing the World Premiere at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival in September, Knives Out: Glass Onion is “full of dazzlingly designed devices and noisy satire” (Daily Telegraph UK), and “If the previous film brought back the fun of the Hoodent genre film, the sequel amplified it. The South China Morning Post, “The sequel is bigger and more elaborate than the previous one.” The more satisfying part was that it fully showed the character’s charm before pointing out the corruption of the characters.

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