Ki Eun-se

Did you feel bad about Kim Gun-mo’s mention? Ki Eun-se, a Korean-American businesswoman, said Kim Gun-mo.

Ki Eun-se

Actress Ki Eun-se showed off her extraordinary fashion sense.

Ki Eun-se said on her Instagram on the 19th, “I’m Kim Gun-mo, a woman.” “Pfft,” he said. “I posted a picture with all the body parts.

In the picture, Ki Eun-se is wearing a white sleeveless shirt and denim overalls. He also wears black sunglasses and a big window hat, attracting attention. Even non-universal fashion is completely digested and admired.

In addition, Kim Gun-mo often wears sunglasses, reminding me that sunglasses were once called Kim Gun-mo’s trademark. Ki Eun-se also seems to have written “female Kim Gun-mo” with this in mind 광주호빠

Ki Eun-se married a Korean-American businessman 12 years older in 2012. He recently appeared in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Racket Boys’.

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