Jenny’s waist is so thin that she has elastic pants left.


Jennie, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, showed off her fresh beauty with pigtails.

Jenny released several photos on her SNS that she took at a lodging with a cool pool.

Jenny, who changed her styling with girlish bangs and waist-length braids, showed off her beauty in two types of sporty pink outfits 광주호빠

In particular, the slim waist caught the eyes of fans. The waist of the shorts’ rubber band is seen remaining, and the straight navel, which is the symbol of the flabby abdomen, is also attracting attention.

Meanwhile, “Black Pink the Movie,” a theatrical film by members of Black Pink, including Jenny and Jisoo Rose Lisa, is set to be released on August 4. It contains five years of BLACKPINK’s debut, including live performances of “THE SHOW” in 2021 and “IN YOUR AREA” in 2018.

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