DinDin, “The round of 16? It’s so annoying”


Singer DinDin publicly shot Paulo Bento, looking negatively at the Korean national soccer team’s World Cup prospects.

DinDin appeared as a guest along with Apink Oh Ha-young on the live recording of SBS Power FM’s “Bae Sung-jae’s Ten,” which aired on October 24.

Regarding South Korea’s performance at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, DinDin predicted, “A lot of people have anxiety on the other hand,” adding, “I think Bento could suddenly go to the World Cup and go crazy, and if he goes as he is now, he will lose 1 draw and 2 losses.”

“I don’t feel good watching soccer these days. I didn’t feel like I was watching the league all the time. There are players who are good in other leagues, he said. “Wouldn’t it be good to give other players a chance at least once?”

In response, Bae Sung-jae said, “There are many people who like soccer who say that this belief is the most likely.”

DinDin also said, “After raising hope by doing one draw with Uruguay, I feel like he will run right away,” and Oh Ha-young was surprised, saying, “DinDin really lives only today.” Bae Sung-jae also drew a line, saying, “It’s not the official position of Batten, but DinDin’s official position.”

Since then, DinDin has continued to criticize Bento. He said, “Isn’t there something that only shows the back of your face at the airport? He didn’t say hello to us at all. He said, “I think he’s already very angry with us,” adding, “As far as I know, it was also done in Portugal.”

While the music was being transmitted, DinDin said, “Everyone would think the same. “Don’t you think everyone will know that it’s hard this time?” he said, “It’s annoying because everyone says something ridiculous like ‘I think I’ll go to the round of 16’.” Why are you turning it into a happy birthday party? What’s the difference between “I hope we get first place” when we release a song? I know it won’t work,” he strongly criticized.

DinDin also said, “I really see Bento. He also copied Bento’s expression, saying, “It’s just staring at him.” In response, Bae Sung-jae said, “It’s very normal to actually have an interview with Bento. He has a glum look on his face, but he doesn’t say anything strange or get angry. “When I meet my fans in Ilsan, they take pictures of me,” he said.

After the broadcast, Internet users pointed out that DinDin’s remarks were imprudent in that they could demoralize the players at this point even before the World Cup. In particular, he criticized that it was rude to speak in a mixture of somewhat radical expressions without the title of coach on the broadcast hosted by the World Cup caster.

On the other hand, some Internet users responded that DinDin’s remarks expressed his belief as a soccer fan, saying, “There is no problem.”

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