BLACKPINK’s Jennie, sexy with a dizzying S-line


BLACKPINK’s Jennie has revealed her fatal visuals.

Jenny posted several photos on her Instagram on the 26th.

The photo shows her filming.

Jenny, who showed off her professional appearance, showed off her slender fit and deadly aura.

In addition, he showed off his unique atmosphere and superior proportion.

In another photo, he was seen emitting cuteness.

With her seductive visuals, Jenny added sexiness by revealing her smooth shoulder line.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, which Jenny belongs to, released its new album “BORN PINK” on the 16th of last month.

Jenny, who was studying in Auckland, reportedly prepared for study in the U.S. under her mother’s plan to move to a school in Florida at the age of 13-14 and continue her studies.

He said he went on a trip to Florida with his family and suddenly returned to Korea after telling his mother that he did not want to stay in the United States without knowing what he wanted to do, and that he wanted to do music-related work.

When he was a trainee, he featured on Lee Hi’s album “Special”, Seungri’s album “GG Be”, and G-Dragon’s album “Black”.

The name of the YouTube icon was JENNIE KIM. In addition, when Lee Hi received the featuring part and asked the company who it was, he said, “There is a great person who will come out soon.”

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