Kang Dong-hoon

Director Kang Dong-hoon said, “Don’t be shy because I’m in 10th place.”

Kang Dong-hoon

“I told you not to be shy just because you are in 10th place. You can do well from the bottom.”

KT Rollster Kang Dong-hoon, who beat DRX 2-0 and won two consecutive games, smiled, saying, “The changed practice method worked.”

KT beat DRX 2-0 in the first round of the 2021 LCK Spring online on Friday afternoon. KT, which has won two consecutive games, has moved up to fourth place with three wins and two losses (+2) in the season. After losing the game, the team fell to fifth place with three wins and two losses.

Coach Kang Dong-hoon said in an interview after the game, “It is meaningful that we can continue to win the last game against T1 and today’s game,” adding, “We are tightening our feedback and changing our practice method, but it seems effective.”

Asked about the choice of “Blank” Kang Seon-gu as the main player after the opening match against Gen.Gee Sports, “Kang has experience and coordinates well in the in-game,” he said. “I’m giving feedback to him separately, but he’s learning desperately and improving his skills.” We will be able to do well in the future, including the field of vision 토토추천

Director Kang Dong-hoon explained that the bottom line of “Hybrid” Lee Woo-jin and “Jus” Jang Jun-soo seems to be a weakness, saying, “We should not be satisfied with winning five people and we can develop from below.” “I’m saying that I don’t want you to be ashamed just because you’re in the 10th place,” he said. “It’s important to show good things as you learn and develop.” I think the bottom line will be better because we are practicing additionally. In fact, ‘Jus’ has a career, but in LCK, it should be regarded as a rookie. “Hybrid” only played properly last year. “I feel like I’m a rookie, so I’m not good enough.

Finally, Kang said, “But I just need to get better because I feel like a rookie. “I’m still not good enough, but I want my fans to know this.

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