Sands, let’s go. The quarantine? Only one home run in the first training session.


Maybe it was a self-quarantine aftereffect. Hanshin Tigers foreign hitter Jerry Sands left a disappointing result in a free hit.

Sands joined Hanshin’s first-team spring camp in Kinosa, Okinawa, on Tuesday.

Sands arrived in Japan on the 17th of last month and has been quarantined for two weeks 토토사이트

The results of the first day’s training were not satisfactory. He hit 35 balls, but only one home run hit came out.

It was a poor performance compared to rival Marte, who exceeded three of 39 and hit a large home run with an estimated distance of 135 meters on the 26th swing.

In addition, Itoi, the team’s best player, exceeded 12 out of 42.

If he could take comfort, the direction of the free strike spread evenly like a fan.

Sands reportedly exercised with bicycle-type exercise equipment and dumbbells in his room during self-quarantine, but he could not go to the gym and could not afford food.

Although he participated in the training from the 2nd due to the self-isolation on the 1st, it seems that he still did not have enough time to find his normal condition.

Sands is likely to change his position to first base this season due to the recruitment of Rojas in his second year at Hanshin.

He is considered to be one step ahead of his rival Marte in the entry competition, but the results of the first day’s training were not very satisfactory.

Hanshin has eight foreign players. They have to compete fiercely for entry. This is why the results of each day of spring camp are important.

However, Rojas, who was recruited by Hanshin, has yet to enter the country due to visa problems. Sands is advantageous in that it takes a lot of time to boost his condition. Because you can buy time to show your skills first.

It remains to be seen whether Sands will be able to overcome his disappointing first start and find his pace quickly.

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