Takumi Minamino leaves Liverpool until the end of the season on loan to Southampton.


Official announcement has been made. Takumi Minamino (Liverpool) is leaving Liverpool.

Southampton reported on its Web site on Monday morning that Minamino was hired. He will be on loan until summer 2021. “Minamino came to St. Mary,” Southampton said. “I will be with manager Ralph Hasenhuttle’s players until the last month of the 2020-2021 season.” “I’m so happy that Minamino is in our squad,” coach Hassen Hertl said. “He’ll give us another attack option. “We will provide additional depth to our squad at a critical time and look forward to the time we can spend with him 안전놀이터

The lease transfer was carried out quickly. Negotiations began in the morning of January, the deadline for the transfer market. Minamino is sluggish at Liverpool. He played only six minutes in the last seven games. He has only scored four goals in 16 games, including eight in the league this season. If Diogo Jota returns in February, there will be no room for Minamino. In this situation, Southampton attempted to recruit Minamino. Southampton currently needs an attacker.

Negotiations that began in the morning proceeded quickly. On the evening of the 1st, Minamino went to Southampton to complete a medical check. Relevant documents arrived at the EPL Secretariat ahead of 11 p.m., the deadline for the transfer market. However, it took some time for the official announcement. It was due to Southampton striker Shane Long’s loan move to Bournemouth. Finally, Shane Long’s lease transfer was announced at 0:47 on the 2nd. Minamino’s lease officially came out at 1:04 a.m.

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