Dodgers pay 39.5 billion won in luxury taxes Aggressive investment Mets are inevitable.


The LA Dodgers will pay luxury taxes for the second consecutive year.

The U.S. sports media ESPN said on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “The Dodgers will pay a luxury tax of 32 million dollars (about 39.57 billion won) for the second consecutive year.”

Not only the Dodgers but also the New York Mets, which took aggressive steps this winter with the support of owner Steve Cohen, will face luxury taxes. The media said, “The Mets will pay a huge luxury tax with 299.8 million dollars, exceeding the Dodgers’ 297.9 million dollars in 2015.”

The Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees, the San Diego Padres, and the Boston Red Sox also exceeded the $230 million luxury tax standard. The media summarized, “The total luxury tax was $78 million, exceeding the highest amount of $74 million in 2016 paid by six clubs.”

In the case of the Dodgers, Trevor Bauer (32) was accused of sexual assault and his suspension was reduced from 324 games to 194 games, which was reflected in his 2023 salary. The Dodgers have to pay Bauer $22.5 million a year this season.

The Mets topped the big league with pitcher Max Scherzer’s annual salary of $43.3 million. In addition, the club’s ransom also rose to second place.

Although the Dodgers have released it for the second consecutive year, it has decreased from $32.6 million in 2021, but they have to pay $32.4 million in luxury taxes, and the Mets have to pay $30.8 million 토토사이트

The Yankees must pay $9.7 million, Philadelphia $2.9 million, San Diego $1.5 million, and Boston $1.2 million. The media added, “San Diego also exceeded the luxury tax standard for the second consecutive year.”

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