Everything that’s possible is wrong The last-place crash team is going to start rebuilding


Charlotte’s rebuilding is imminent.

Shams Karania, a reporter for The Athletic, appeared on FanDuel TV on the 18th (Korea Standard Time) and talked about Charlotte Hornets.

Charlotte reorganized her team around young players after the era of Kemba Walker. Ramelo Ball, Miles Bridges, Terry Rozier, and P.J. Washington led the team.

The wasp corps, led by head coach James Borrego, was an attractive enough team, but its limitations were clear. Charlotte, whose chronic defense problems have not improved, left a disappointment as she failed to overcome the play-in tournament.

Then, ahead of last season, Charlotte Front chose to change when she replaced coach James Borrego. After Golden State coach Kenny Atkinson resigned as coach amid confusion, coach Steve Clifford will take the helm of Charlotte again.

Charlotte, who looked up, is falling to the point where it is hard to rebound this season. Bridges, who caused domestic violence, failed to renew his contract, and too many injury issues occurred from the beginning of the season. Charlotte, who has not improved her defense at all when appointing Clifford, is currently at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with 11 wins and 34 losses.

A time when hope for this season is fading. In the end, Charlotte’s front desk seems to have made a decision. The Carania reporter hinted at the possibility of Charlotte’s massive rebuilding of Charlotte.

Carania said: “Charlott has been without Miles Bridges all season and has suffered too many injuries. Lamelo Ball is missing a lot of time, and Dennis Smith Jr. and Gordon Hayward are missing a long time. Everything that can go wrong is wrong,” he pointed out Charlotte’s situation.

“Charlotte will listen to the trade offer with an open mind to all the players. I think there will be teams that are interested in the playoffs. “You can look forward to Charlotte’s move toward real rebuilding in the second half,” he added.

Maybe this season is a good time to start rebuilding. Next season, potential top prospects such as Victor Wembanyama and Scott Henderson will appear in the draft. If you can nominate them, you can build a team by laying the foundation for rebuilding.

Carania cited expiring resources Kelly Ubre Jr., Jeilan McDaniels and Mason Plumley as trade candidates. Ubre is averaging 20.2 career-high points this season, and it is a resource that can help the team if McDaniels and Plumley are also used well.

The biggest key is whether Charlotte is open to trade with the team’s top star, Lamelo Ball. There is a high possibility that the team will be reorganized around Younggeon Ball, which is now in its third year, but there is no possibility of trading and creating a new round 파워볼추천

It is also worth noting whether high-paying Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward will trade. Hayward, who has a contract left until the 2023-2024 season, is unlikely to be easy to trade because there are too many games he is absent due to injury.

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