Dodgers will also recruit All-Star shortstop Turner.


The Los Angeles Dodgers will also recruit All-Star shortstop Tray Turner, 27, along with Max Shuer, a 37-year-old professional pitcher from Cy Young.

Major League Baseball’s official website “” said on the 30th (Korea time) that the Dodgers are in the middle of a trade with Shuer and Turner from Washington Nationals.

In the case of Schuerger, the trade with the San Diego Padres was reportedly discussed in depth on the day, but his destination was changed to the Dodgers. He is expected to bring Turner to strengthen his pitching.

According to a follow-up report, the Dodgers will hand over four promising players to Washington, including catcher Kibert Lewis (23), pitcher Josiah Gray (24), Herardo Carrillo (23), and outfielder Donovan Casey (25). As of the 30th, Washington finished fourth in the National League East with 47 wins and 55 losses, making it difficult to play fall baseball, and turning to rebuilding with Schwarzer and Turner as trade cards.

As of Thursday, the Dodgers are 62-41 behind the San Francisco Giants, ranking second in the National League West by two games. Dustin May was out for the season due to elbow surgery, and Trevor Bauer’s legal battle on charges of assaulting a woman has been prolonged, making it difficult to return. Clayton Kershaw has also left the starting pitcher for about a month due to elbow pain, and it is urgent to strengthen the starting pitcher.

Although he will become an FA at the end of this season, he will try to win the second consecutive World Series title through “Half-Year Rental.” He is also a “big game pitcher” who led the Washington Nationals to their first World Series title in 2019. Although he is a 37-year-old veteran who has won three Cy Young titles in the league, he has pitched 111 innings in 19 games this season and has 8 wins, 4 losses and a 2.76 strikeout average, leading the league with 147 strikeouts 토토사이트

In addition, he will bring all-star shortstop Turner to strengthen his batting lineup. Dodgers is out of the game for a long time after starting shortstop Corey Seager suffered a hand fracture in mid-May. As Seager will qualify as an FA at the end of this season, it also means that the Dodgers will secure another shortstop reserve resource. Turner has to play until next season to become an FA, so the Dodgers can spend up to a year and a half. It immediately considered electricity and composition of electricity next year.

Turner, who made his Major League debut in Washington in 2015, was selected as the first All-Star this season, batting .322, 18 homers, 49 RBIs, and 21 stolen bases with 96 games. Last year, he batted .335 with 12 homers, 41 RBIs, 12 steals, and 12 steals, ranking seventh in the National League MVP voting with a batting average of .982 in 59 games.

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