Jang Min-hee's

Jang Min-hee’s shocking defeat Japan’s Miki Nakamura loses 2-6 to advance to the round of 16 in archery.

Jang Min-hee's

Jang Min-hee (22, Incheon National University), the star of Korean women’s archery, lost the match between Korea and Japan. He was eliminated from the round of 32.

Jang Min-hee lost to Mikiki Nakamura (26-28, 25-26, 27-26, 26-27) in the 32nd round of individual archery at the Tokyo Olympics held at the Yumenoshima Archery Stadium in Tokyo on the 28th, and was eliminated in the 32nd round.

In the women’s ranking round, Jang Min-hee came in second with 677 points. Jang Min-hee, who is considered to have received the sharpest performance in the actual training against the Tokyo Olympics, is the main player in the women’s team gold medal.

However, Jang Min-hee’s pace faltered sharply due to the unexpected strong wind.

He struggled in the first set. Jang Min-hee shot nine points and nine points, but the last step was a sudden wind. He shot eight points. On the other hand, Dark Horse Mickey won the first set by shooting 10 points with his last foot. 28-26.

The second set of strong winds began. Jang Minhee got 7 points for the first shot. Yuki got 8 points. The ‘wind variable’ has been activated. Jang Min-hee scored 9 points with her second foot. But Mickey shot 10 points. In the end, Mickey won 26-25, the second set.

A desperate crisis. First shot in the third set, 10 points. Mickey shot nine points for the first shot, but eight for the second. Mickey got 9 points. Jang Min-hee shot nine points with her last foot. Fortunately, Mickey scored 8 points and won 3 sets.

He laid the foundation for a counterattack.

Archery is given two points per set and one point per tie. The victory will be confirmed only when the team scores six points in the set score. At the end of the third set, set score Jang Min-hee was trailing 2-4.

Four sets of wind blew again. Jang Min-hee waited. Nine points. Mickey was tough, too. Nine points.

Second shot. Jang Minhee shot 9 points again. By the way, Mickey shot 10 points. He was hit across the 10-point line. Jang Min-hee’s last foot, which was shaken, was stuck at eight points. In the end, he lost 26-27 in the fourth set.

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