DOLSINGS2 Kim Chaeyoon A photo taken by a 6-year-old daughter


“Doll Singles 2” Kim Chae-yoon showed off her slim body shape enough to fit her daughter’s clothes.

Kim Chae-yoon posted three photos on her Instagram on the 5th, along with a message saying, “Picture taken by Kim Byeolla.”

In the photo together, Kim Chae-yoon is walking down the street boasting her sense with pink pants and a white blouse. “Kim Myeolla” seems to be the nickname of daughter Kim Byul-ha.

Meanwhile, Kim Chae-yoon failed to make a couple in MBN’s “Dol Singles 2,” which ended in January, but drew attention with her celebrity-class beauty. In addition, the members of “Dol-Singles 2” appeared in the scene where they gathered at a housewarming party in “Dol-Singles Exhibition – The Birth of a Family” and welcomed the fans

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