Oh Sangjin

Oh Sangjin and Kim Soyoung’s business is a big hit People are waiting for access and apologizing

Oh Sangjin

The business status of Kim So-young, an announcer-turned-broadcaster, has been revealed.

Kim So-young said on her personal Instagram story on August 5, “The server didn’t go off. Many people logged in at 12:00 at the same time, so the entrance is progressing sequentially to prevent errors.”

Kim So-young then said, “I’m sorry to surprise you. Don’t press refresh and wait a moment,” he politely apologized and asked for understanding.

The photo shows a site with a waiting time of about three minutes. The number of people waiting alone is 222.

Earlier, Kim So-young announced through a post that bread will be newly opened on an Internet purchase site operating at 12 o’clock today. It seems that buyers have flocked to buy it. In fact, Kim So-young posted an apology comment saying, “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience,” when a netizen said that she couldn’t access the post. It’s a difficult situation, but I can guess Kim So-young’s happy scream that the reason is that buyers flock.

Meanwhile, Kim So-young was a former MBC announcer and turned into a CEO of a curation platform related to bookstores and health and beauty products after declaring her as a freelancer. She married Oh Sang-jin in 2017 and has a daughter

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