KIM JAE WOO’s kiss is hard His wife is struggling


Comedian Kim Jae-woo introduced a unique touch.

On the 3rd, Kim Jae-woo posted a video and photo of him doing couple yoga with his wife on his Instagram and boasted, “Love is getting stronger.”

“I imagined a relaxed and beautiful kiss, but it took a long time for Yuri’s face to come back up,” he said. “Listen carefully, rookie boys. “Please don’t be like your older brothers, but work hard to develop your arm strength,” he said, drawing laughter.

In the video, Kim Jae-woo gave his wife a sweet kiss by doing push-ups while standing on his hands. However, Kim Jae-woo, who had arm strength, could not climb up with a kiss, and the faces of the two were completely stacked, and the couple’s yoga ended like this with his wife’s struggle

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