Ha Jooseok

‘Drunk driving’ Ha Jooseok 70G+ ‘Drunk contact’ Kim Ki-hwan 90G disciplinary action

Ha Jooseok

KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) announced disciplinary measures against Hanwha Eagles infielder Ha Jooseok and former NC Dinos outfielder Kim Ki-hwan, who were caught drunk driving.

KBO confirmed on the 30th that Ha Joo-seok, who was caught drunk driving by the police on the 20th and was suspended for 70 games in accordance with Article 151 of the KBO Protocol revised on May 30. KBO has revised the regulations on drunk driving (Article 151) to raise awareness of drunk driving.

If a license is suspended for 70 games, a one-year disqualification for revocation of a license, a five-year disqualification for drunk driving twice, and a permanent disqualification for drunk driving more than three times are imposed immediately under the provisions of this agreement without going through a separate reward committee.

In addition, KBO held a reward and punishment committee on the 29th to deliberate on NC Kim Ki-hwan’s detection of drunk driving and contact accidents. Kim Ki-hwan was caught drunk driving (administrative disposition of suspension of license) as a result of a breathalyzer test after a contact accident on October 24. Although drunk driving may be subject to sanctions without a reward and punishment committee under the relevant regulations, a reward and punishment committee was held to deliberate on the fact that drunk driving caused a contact accident. KBO collected the opinions of the reward and punishment committee on the 30th and decided to suspend Kim Ki-hwan from 90 games depending on the fact that he caused a contact accident while drunk driving and drunk driving.

Meanwhile, Ha was caught in a drunk driving crackdown in downtown Daejeon at around 5:50 a.m. on the 19th of this month, and his license was suspended at a blood alcohol concentration of 0.078 percent at the time. Since then, the Hanwha club has been waiting for the disposition by reporting the details to the KBO after figuring out how.

Kim Ki-hwan had a contact accident on his way to work on the 24th, the next morning, after drinking alone at his home in the afternoon of October 23. On November 1, after the accident, a blood alcohol concentration of 0.041 percent was found in a blood drinking test conducted by the police. Kim Ki-hwan reported the fact to the club on November 2, and the NC club immediately reported it to the KBO. NC released Kim Ki-hwan on the 6th.

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