Even if the cat’s body is good it’s still photoshopped on his hip


Webtoon writer Meow (real name Kim Na-young) has started explaining photoshop.

On May 10, Meow wrote on his personal SNS story, “I can’t believe there are still comments like video photoshop. Can I explain it if I post it with Boomerang? I’ll listen to it as a compliment,” he posted the video.

In the released video, the cat is moving around as if proving that it is not a photoshop.

Earlier on the same day, he released photos of various sportswear with the article “Oh Woon-wan.” Otto said, “My golden pelvis is crazy. “You have to be born with it.”

However, when controversy over photoshop was suggested for his unrealistic body, it is interpreted that the cat started to explain.

Meanwhile, Meow is serializing the webtoon Goddess Gangrim, which has accumulated 4 billion views worldwide. He is also in an open relationship with writer Jeon Seon-wook, who is serializing the webtoon “Free Draw.”

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