Ma Dongseok

Ma Dongseok, Lee Joonhyuk, Aoki Munetaka Crime City, filmed at the end of June

Ma Dongseok

The movie “The Outlaws 3,” starring Ma Dong-seok, will begin filming in earnest at the end of June. Korean criminal movie franchises such as “Result Weapon” and “Die Hard” will be established in earnest.

According to the movie industry on the 12th, “The Outlaws 3” will begin filming in earnest at the end of June. The third part tells the story of Detective Maseok-do and a gang in Geumcheon-seo, who are trying to clean up drug crimes against the backdrop of Incheon. Following the second episode, director Lee Sang-yong took the megaphone, and Ma Dong-seok, the symbol of the series, also took part in the plan. In “The Outlaws 3,” not only Ma Dong-seok but also the detectives of the Geumcheon-seo crime squad who worked together in the first and second episodes will appear as they are.

“Crime City 3” was released in 2017 with a rating that was not allowed for teenagers to watch, and the sequel to “Crime City” attracted 6.88 million people. The second episode is set to be released on May 18 as detectives of Maseok-do and Geumcheon-seo gang try to catch Kang Hae-sang, who commits malicious crimes against Koreans in Vietnam. The first film was directed by Kang Yoon-sung, and the second film was directed by Lee Sang-yong, who was the supporting director of the first film.

Lee Joon-hyuk will be the main villain in the “Crime City 3” series with Ma Dong-seok. Following Yoon Gye-sang as Jang Chen in the first part and Son Seok-gu as Kang Hae-sang in the second part, Lee Joon-hyuk plans to play Joo Sung-chul as the main villain in the third part to show off his new villain role. Rumor has it that the production team of “The Crime City” cast Lee Joon-hyuk, who showed various appearances in the series “Secret Forest 2” and “Along with the Gods,” with confidence that he would show the first and second villain acting in “The Crime City 3.”

As “Criminal City 3” depicts international drug crimes, foreign actors also participate. Japanese actor Aoki Munetaka will appear and act with detectives Ma Dong-seok and Geumcheon-seo. Aoki Munetaka is embarrassed to run away from the movie “The Last Chapter of Wind Inspection: The Final,” and the drama “I’m ashamed to run away, but it’s helpful.” The actor is well known to Korean fans for “Cheer Up, Humanity.” Aoki Munetaka is expected to help globalize the series as it continues.

The production team of “The Crime City” is preparing for the release of “The Crime City 2” on May 18, while preparing for the last-minute filming of “The Crime City 3” at the end of June. Ma Dong-seok said at the premiere and press conference of “Crime City 2” held on the 11th, “I have thought of eight episodes of the series from planning.” It is rumored that Ma Dong-seok and the production team of “Crime City” are showing affection and confidence in the series enough to plan to start filming “Crime City 4” soon after filming “Crime City 3.”

As “The Outlaws 2” has been receiving favorable reviews since the premiere, there are considerable expectations inside and outside the film industry whether the second movie will be successful following the previous one. Attention is also focusing on whether “Crime City 2” will be successful and be completed as a Korean criminal franchise that trusts and sees “Crime City 3.”

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