Exposed Costume University Festival 19 Gesture Hwasa Repeated Sensationality Controversy


The group Mamamoo Hwasa’s rated R performance is once again controversial. Critics point out that it has crossed the boundary between art and obscenity this time.

Hwasa recently took the stage of the Sungkyunkwan University festival with Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Wan-sun. This is part of tvN’s “Dance Singer Wandering Group.” Hwasa filled the stage with cheers by singing Mamamoo’s songs “Decalcomani” and “Hip” followed by a duet song “Don’t Give It to Loco.”

But the performance in question came from Don’t Give. Wearing a tight black short-sleeved and hot pants, Hwa-hwa sat with her legs open and put her licked hand on a specific area.

After the fan cam spread, netizens pointed out that Hwa Sa’s performance was excessive this time. It was an inappropriate sensational performance for the university festival. Netizens responded by saying, “I wonder what the hell you were thinking,” “I’m frowning,” and “I’m over the shock.” However, there were many netizens who surrounded Hwa Sa, saying, “Performance is just a performance.”

This is not the first time that Hwasa’s sensationalism has been controversial. Hwasa was controversial when she appeared in a red leather body suit that sticks to her body at “2018 MAMA”. Some respected and praised Hwa Sa’s unconventional concept for swimsuit-like costumes, but some pointed out that it was excessive.

In response, Hwasa expressed her position through broadcasts and songs. Hwasa, who appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star,” said, “While preparing for the stage, my stylist made it for me because I wanted to wear this kind of costume,” adding, “I don’t think it’s usually excessive.” So people around me control that it’s too much. I think it’s one of the stages. “I think it’s better not to wear it than to put it down vaguely,” he said. He also expressed his belief, saying, “I think about how to wear it on the stage rather than what clothes to wear and how to pull it off well.” In addition, through the lyrics of Mamamoo’s song “HIP,” “If I do the greasy hair of my underwear with my nose-stained T-shirt sticking out, it’s HIP,” “It’s controversial my fashion. I don’t really care about it. Just action. Thank you for stimulating me. The loser’s reflection that stopped there. Thanks to you, my mental strength is strong. “I’m going to go make the next album.”

Hwasa’s unconventional outfit, which was applauded for her cool response, continued. Hwasa, what do you do when you play on MBC’s 2020 show?’ When he was working as a refund expedition for the inner project group, he introduced a nude tone optical illusion costume on his way to work at MBC’s “Music Core,” which became the center of attention once again.

Hwasa has emerged as a new issue maker. Gopchang, dried laver, etc. are sold out and the center of the conversation. The influence on the public is enormous. Such Hwa Sa is becoming a hot topic due to repeated controversy over her sensationalism. In the meantime, it has been praised for narrowly crossing the boundary between art and obscenity, but the prevailing criticism is that the controversy has crossed the line. Hwasa, who said, “I don’t really care, just action,” now acknowledges her influence and needs to be adjusted to a certain extent

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