Intern doctor Yoo Ji-won Kim Ji-young a former flight attendant reveals spectacular specifications


The jobs of “Heart Signal 4” cast members, from F&B representatives to lawyers and intern doctors, have been unveiled.

Channel A’s “Heart Signal 4,” which aired on May 24, revealed the roles and ages of the cast.

Lee Ju-mi, who received 0 votes in the previous night’s vote, seemed to have a lot of thoughts. On the other hand, Kim Ji-young, who received two votes, hummed and went down to the kitchen on the first floor where the three men were gathered with a bright expression. Kim Ji-young naturally showed her charm by talking to the three men. Kang Seung-yoon analyzed, “Maybe Ji-young got up early and preempted three men.” Kim E-na mentioned Kim Ji-young’s charm, saying, “I think she will get three votes for Ji-young someday.”

The cast will be divided into three teams for shopping. Yoo Ji-won and Lee Ju-mi went to buy groceries, Shin Min-kyu and Kim Ji-min, Hankyoreh and Kim Ji-young went to buy plants and interior props, respectively. While on the move, Shin Min-kyu gave consideration to Kim Ji-min, who had a cold, saying, “Did you bring a lot of cold medicine?” and Kim Ji-min, who noticed Shin Min-kyu’s heart, smiled secretly.

Shin Min-kyu exploded his charm in a one-on-one situation by buying plants and talking with Kim Ji-min. Shin Min-kyu, an MBTI INFP, and Kim Ji-min, an ESFP, talked about their different tendencies and expressed their good feelings toward their opponents. Kim Ji-min said, “To be sure, the opposite person is attractive rationally. I don’t think it’s extroverted or introverted, and I think I’m more attracted to someone who has a different tendency from me,” Shin Min-kyu said, adding, “I felt the same thing.”

Yoo Ji-won and Lee Ju-mi, who visited the market, enjoyed a date while buying snacks at the market. The two discovered a common denominator through weight training and marathon. When Lee Ju-mi asked, “Are you happy to be with me?” Yoo Ji-won asked back, “What did you mean by asking?” Lee Joo-mi was embarrassed, saying, “It’s misleading.” Yoon Jong-shin and Kim E-na analyzed that “personally, I have a strong feeling of friends,” but Kang Seung-yoon speculated that “Jumi had a flutter in her own way.”

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