Cha Jung-sook

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Cha Jung-sook

Cho Ah-ram’s pictorial has been released.

Cho Ah-ram attempted a drastic change through the June issue of the fashion magazine Allure Korea. With a hip pose, he showed off a chic and lovely vibe and sensuous atmosphere, giving off a rising star-like charm of the next generation

Cho Ah-ram, who stood in front of the camera against the backdrop of a bright pink-toned color, is rumored to have drawn admiration from the scene as she made a variety of chic expressions and confident poses in each cut

Cho Ah-ram, who debuted on tvN’s “The Murderer’s Shopping List” last year, is playing Jeon So-ra, a third-year surgical resident, in the JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama “Dr. Cha Jung-sook.”

Cho Ah-ram is bringing life to the work by expressing the aspect of a perfectionist-leaning doctor and a “cold but warm senior” with a strong performance. In addition, he is continuing his next-generation rising star-like move by playing the main character Sehyun in Korea’s first cheerleading film “Victory.”

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