Lee Hye-young

Lee Hye-young confessed to lung cancer The strong cancer cells were beautiful

Lee Hye-young

Broadcaster Lee Hye-young confessed her first cancer sentence.

Lee Hye-young appeared as the first guest on the JTBC talk show “Jjandangpo (directed by Lee Chang-woo),” which first aired on the 13th (Tue).

Lee Hye-young revealed the past of MCs Tak Jae-hoon and Yoon Jong-shin as well as the episodes of Hong Jin-kyung’s boyfriend before marriage. He finally revealed himself that he had a crush on Park Jin-young in the past, saying, “I had a heart for Park Jin-young at that time.”

Lee Hye-young recalled the hard times by taking out the collateral “Yabawi Tool Set” that was entrusted to “Salty Dangpo” in earnest. In the first drama in the past, he bought a tool from an actual rocker in Jongno to win the role of Lee Byung-hun’s counterpart, “The Outstanding Rocker.” Lee Hye-young recreated the method Yabawi performance she performed at the audition against 3MC at the time.

Lee Hye-young confessed that she was diagnosed with cancer. Lee Hye-young, who was diagnosed with lung cancer on her wedding anniversary two years ago, confessed her feelings at the time, saying, “I thought the world was collapsing.” It is the positive mind that made him endure this situation. Lee Hye-young confessed that when she was diagnosed with cancer by a doctor, she felt, “It is beautiful to be strong,” looking at the cancer cells on the screen. “I’m going to recover a lot (now),” he said, reassuring everyone, and Tak Jae-hoon, who was listening to it, said, “I think I recovered quickly because I was positive and mentally good.”

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