I admit to having an affair with a top actress I’m sorry for my family because I’m a long-cherished actor


Japan’s top actress Ryoko Hiros, 42, admitted to having an affair and apologized.

On the 14th, Hiros released a handwritten apology through his manager. Hirosue said, “I deeply apologize for causing inconvenience and concern to many people due to rash behavior. What was reported was generally correct, he admitted to having an affair with Chef A (45).

He also apologized, referring to the families of both sides. “More than anything, I feel sorry for causing A’s family to experience sad things. I apologized directly to my family and three children, saying, “I’m sorry.” “The children understood and recognized me as an immature mother,” he said. Hirosue said, “I apologize here for the disappointment of my precious fans who have supported me for this incident,” adding, “I’m very sorry, everyone.” “I will think about my future life with the fact that I have tainted the job of an actor I admire and the crime of hurting all my family,” he added

Recently, Hiros has been embroiled in rumors of an affair. On the 7th, Japan’s weekly Shukanbunshun reported that Hirosue is suspected of having an affair with the owner chef A, who runs a Michelin one-star French restaurant. According to Shukan Bunshun, Hiroshe visited a restaurant run by a chef in mid-last month in shorts and had a friendly conversation, leaning on each other’s shoulders. On the 3rd, Hirosue appeared at a time difference and was even caught staying at a luxury hotel where the chef was staying.

The married couple denied rumors of an affair. Hiros said, “It’s not an affair at all. I have three children,” he said, and A also denied the affair, saying, “I’m a close friend of Hirosae.” Hirosae’s agency said, “I’m leaving the privacy issue to myself, but I’ve been very careful to act responsibly for this report.” “I’m sorry for causing a disturbance,” he apologized. This is not the first time Hiros has had an affair scandal. In 2014, he was also embroiled in allegations of an affair with fellow actor Takeru Sato (33), and denied rumors of an affair, saying that the agencies of the two sides were only close seniors and juniors.

Meanwhile, Hirosue is a top actor representing Japan in the 1990s. He made his debut at the first Kurearasil Grand Prix in 1994 and rose to stardom in 1996 with a commercial, and was greatly loved as a younger sister of Japan. He enjoyed his heyday with films such as “Secret” (1999) and “Railroadman” (1999), and has many fans in Korea. Hirosue married fashion designer Takahiro Okazawa in 2003, but divorced in 2008. He later remarried in 2010 to candle artist candle jun. They had three children from two marriages

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