The title song of TWICE’s first unit Misamo is written by Park Jinyoung


MISAMO, the group’s first unit of TWICE, will officially debut in Japan on July 26.

JYP Entertainment announced the official debut of TWICE’s first unit “Misamo,” which consists of Mina, Sana, and Momo in February. At midnight on the 14th, the jacket image and track list of TWICE’s first Japanese mini-album “Masterpiece” were opened.

Mina, Sana, and Momo drew admiration with their goddess-like visuals in the masterpiece to match the album name. The intense color of the black dress and red curtain and chic eyes added charisma. The elegant charm of the main character of an oil painting stands out

Japan’s first mini-album “Masterpiece” includes the title track “Do not touch,” “Behind the Curtain,” “Marshmallow,” “Funny Valentine,” “It’s not easy for you,” and “You” and “Round 7.”

In particular, producer Park Jin-young wrote the lyrics of the title song “Do Not Touch.” Momo, Mina, and Sana participated in the lyrics of track 4 “Furney Valentine,” track 5 “It’s Not Easy For You,” and track 6 “Rewind You,” respectively, enhancing their meaning on their first unit album.

Misamo also plans to hold a showcase to commemorate the release of its first mini album “Misamo Japan Showcase 2023” at the 5th Osaka Exhibition Hall of Osaka Intex Osaka from July 22 to 23 and at Pia Arena MM in Tokyo from July 25 to 27

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