Rihanna’s second child doesn’t protect her unrelenting fetus


Rihanna, who is pregnant with her second child, is drawing attention for her unconventional fashion that exposed D-line without hesitation.

According to a number of foreign media, including U.S. entertainment media Page Six, on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), pop star and actor Rihanna recently visited a luxury restaurant in LA and had a meal. On this day, Rihanna accompanied her son Leza Mayer and drew attention.

Rihanna boasted her fashion sense by holding her sleeping son in her arms and wearing a crop top with a D-line view, light wash denim jeans, and a long coat with a 100-month bill printed on it, the foreign media said. “In particular, Rihanna caught attention by revealing her full-term D-line with her 1-year-old son.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s rapper Asep Rocky became a friend in 2012 and has been dating since 2020, holding his first son, Leza Aston Mayers, in his arms in May 2022.

At the time, Rihanna said her life was completely reversed after giving birth, adding, “Everything has changed.” I don’t remember my previous life. That’s the most impressive thing,” he said. “The baby and we are best friends. Having children changes everything, but it brought us closer. Especially, my son seems to learn a lot from my father. “I realized it when I saw my husband,” he said.

Rihanna also recently announced her pregnancy for the first time during a performance at the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show, drawing keen attention.

Rihanna also drew attention last year as she was included in Forbes’ list of the best self-made women in the United States. Rihanna’s assets are about 1.4 billion dollars, which is about 1.8 trillion won in Korean money. He made a lot of money as his own beauty brand was successful in his music activities and duffel

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