Kim Hee-ra

I want to cut my hair for Kim Hee-ra Gyeongrumun 2 to make it look surreal

Kim Hee-ra

Actress Kim He-ra expressed her feelings about challenging the villain role one after another.

On the 24th, Magazine Esquire released Kim Heer’s pictorial and interview

In the pictorial, Kim Hee-ra drew attention by staring at the camera with intense eyes. It also created a different atmosphere by digesting colorful costumes.

In an interview that followed after the photo shoot, Kim Hee-ra announced her transformation, saying, “I cut my hair while preparing for ‘Amazing Rumor 2: Counter Punch’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Amazing Rumor 2’) about the tvN drama ‘Amazing Rumor 2:’ ahead of the broadcast.”

Following his previous work, “The Glory,” he will also play a villain in “Amazing Rumor 2.” In response, Kim Hi-ra said, “Sara from ‘The Glory’ is a bad person who can be next to me, but I focused on the fact that Gelli from ‘Amazing Rumor’ is a villain in a fantasy,” adding, “I wanted to emphasize the feeling of being surreal, not a person.”

He also expressed his feelings about playing the lead role of the first musical through the musical “Frida.” Kim He-ra said, “The first lead role is very burdensome,” but added, “I met ‘Prida’ because I wanted to be on stage.” When I started practicing, I felt that the five senses came to life. “At the same time, I want to show a great performance on stage, and at the same time, I am doing my best because I am so satisfied with the feeling of charging the energy that has been discharged.”

When asked what he focused on to show Kim Heerman’s Frieda Kahlo, he said, “At first, I tried to focus on Frieda’s pain, but he actually considers life a festival,” adding, “I want to show a woman who has been fiercely fighting the pain of life, not a person who has lived a sick life.” He added, “I hope the audience who watched the musical will be encouraged by Freda.”

There were also questions about whether a unique name is an advantage as an actor. Kim Hee-ra said, “When I was young, I was teased a lot, and when I grew up, I hated standing out wherever I went. There were times when I wanted to change my name,” he said. At the same time, he said, “I changed my mind as it worked out well. I felt grateful, thinking that my daily life that I felt tired was a training for the present moment. My father, who gave me the name, also laughed, saying, “These days, I must have named you because I thought you would be an actor 광주호스트바

Kim Hee-ra said that she is easily tired of distractions, but she has never been tired of acting. Kim He-ra said, “As if punching is acceptable in a boxing ring, it is attractive that any emotion can be captured while acting,” adding, “I hope those who have encountered the character I play forget about Kim He-ra and focus only on the character.”

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