Fernando Llorente, King of the Dead, left Napoli to join Udinese.


Fernando Llorente (36, from Spain), a former Tottenham striker, signed with Serie A Udinese. It is due at the end of June 2022. Italian media reported that he will receive his number 32.

Llorente moved from Tottenham to Napoli in September 2019. At that time, he signed an FA contract 안전공원

Llorente fell behind in the main competition during Tottenham’s time. It served as Harry Kane’s backup. He played in the cup tournament more often than in the league. However, his decision was not bad compared to his playing time.

Llorente had difficulty in the starting line-up after moving to Napoli. He played three league matches in Napoli this season. His playing time was very short in three minutes.

For Llorente, Udinese is the third club in Serie A after Juventus and Napoli.

Llorente’s market value has fallen to 1 million euros. I can feel the futility of time. Llorente, a former member of Spain’s national team, was worth as much as 30 million euros during Bilbao’s heyday.

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