Kokorin Fiorentina joins us, and now you’re a bad guy on the field.


Former Russian striker Aleksandr Kokorin, who served a prison term for assaulting a Korean-Russian official, has moved to Fiorentina in Serie A, Italy.

Fiorentina announced Tuesday that she would join Cocorin. Kokorin is a 30-year-old striker who has scored 11 goals in 48 matches and 67 goals in the Russian Premier League. During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he played full-time against South Korea in the group stage 토토사이트

Kokorin assaulted a Korean-Russian official at a restaurant with Pavel Mamaev in 2018. There were severe assaults and racism using chairs, and the victim injured her face, including a broken nose. Kokorin was jailed for about a year for the incident. Kokorin, who was doing well with Russian powerhouse Zenit Saint Petersburg before the incident, was not very active after playing Sochi and Spartak Moscow, and moved to Serie A this time.

At the press conference to join Fiorentina, the incident was also mentioned indirectly. “The days of being a bad man ended in Russia,” Kokorin said. I want to start a new chapter here. “Now I’m going to be a bad guy only inside the stadium, not outside the stadium.

“I didn’t have a chance to play in a non-Russian country,” Kokorin said. The decision was made with the family. “I’m grateful that my new colleagues welcome me,” he said. Fiorentina has also decided to recruit Kevin Malqui, a side defender, following Cocorin.

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