Emerson Royal

“Finally” Conte decided to break up with Emerson Royal.. “I’d be happy to sell it.”


Tottenham manager Conte (53) finally made a decision. He also seems to have judged that he can no longer watch Emerson Royal (23, Tottenham).

“Tottenham is aiming for Pedro Prisoner (23, Sporting) as a new right wingback,” said Football London. Instead, they will be willing to accept the offer to recruit Emerson,” he said.

Emerson joined Tottenham last summer for Tottenham 25 million. He was highly anticipated because he was active in offense and defense during Real Betis. Serge Aurier left for Villarreal and had no competitors, so he immediately took the starting position.

Contrary to expectations, however, Emerson Royal performance was a failure. He played 59 games in a Tottenham uniform, but scored only one goal and two assists. In particular, he is burning the hearts of Tottenham fans with his blunt offense and inaccurate cross.

Now in its second year, there is still no sign of progress. He played as a starting wingback again this season, but he was still sluggish. Tottenham fans even cheered the moment Emerson was replaced in the last Leeds match.

Conte eventually benched Emerson. He started Matt Doherty against Brentford last time, and Emerson had to be benched for 90 minutes.

Now, Conte seems to be even thinking about breaking up with Emerson. “Tottenham will be more willing to consider recruiting Emerson than the more versatile Doherty,” Football London said, adding Emerson was the number one release target. “Football Insider” also said, “Tottenham is planning to sell Emerson for only 10 million pounds (about 15.2 billion won) 안전놀이터

Tottenham are aiming for prisoners, Denzel Dumfries (Inter Milan), and Malo Gusto (Lyon) as substitutes for Emerson. In particular, prisoners who have faced directly in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League are known to be the first.

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